01 Calcium Fluoratum®
PKR: 565-1295

01 Calcium Fluoratum®
PKR: 565-1295

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Vessel/Elasticity Remedy

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Calcium fluoratum Tablets by Schwabe Germany is a homeopathic medicine that binds the keratin and skin in the body. This is a protein containing sulphor.

One can find it in hair, nails, and epidermis. Keratin serves in the preservation of the elasticity and the stability of all elastic fibers, most of all tendons and ligaments.

By the lack of calcium fluoratum the horny layer in the tissue hardens. So, by giving this mineral substance, the hardening in the callused scars, for example, maybe reduced or even softened. The tissue becomes flexible and elastic again.

The application is based solely on the long-term use in this therapy.


1 tablet (265mg) contains the active agent kalium phosphoricum D 12, 250mg.

Other ingredients: potato starch, magnesium stearate.


The salt for relief of symptoms associated with veins, muscles, tooth and skin problems.

Dosage/ Uses

Adults should take 5 tablets one to three times a day. If the symptoms improve, the frequency of dosage should be reduced.

You should take the tablets half an hour before or after eating and preferably let them dissolve slowly in your mouth.

Side Effect

No side effects of Calcium Fluoratum® are known to date.

Please Note: This medicine contains lactose.