Berberis Pentarkan® Ptk. 15

Berberis Pentarkan® Ptk. 15

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Kidney Stones and Gout

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Berberis Pentarkan Ptk 15 tablets are effective in the treatment of Kidney Stones and symptoms related to high uric acid, gout and such as typical kidney pain or related inflammatory reactions. It helps in maintaining the pH levels of urine and reduces risk of stone formation.

Berberis Pentarkan Ptk 15 Gurde ki Pathri ka Homeopathic Ilaj,

Barhe Huwe Uric Acid ka Ilaj 

گردوں میں پتھری، بڑھے ہوئے یورک ایسڈ کے لیے


Ptk 15 is a combination of several homeopathic herbs ingredients include: Berberis Ø 25 mg; Lycopodium 2X 25 mg; Urtica Ø 50 mg; Excipients Q.S. to 250 mg per tablet.


Berberis Pentarkan uses as a remedy to control conditions of the uric acid diathesis and gout. It helps in maintaining the pH level of the urine to normal and reduces the risk of formation of kidney stones.

Due to kidney problems, there is excessive production of uric acid in blood plasma known as hyperuricemia. This condition contributes to renal impairment, enzyme deficiency, obesity, hypertension, certain drugs, and alcohol. Gout is a disease in which defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis is a consequence of hyperuricemia.

Ptk. 15 is a homeopathic medicine for kidney stone and Gout

  • Reliable remedy for renal calculi (kidney stones)
  • Relieves pain during urination due to renal calculi
  • Corrects metabolic disturbances
  • Has antiseptic, haemostatic, and diuretic action
  • Also useful in gouty arthritis.Do not self-medicate. Please consult your physician.

Dosage/ Uses

Unless otherwise prescribed, take 1 -2 tablets of Schwabe Berberis Pentarkan every hour. Once the conditions start to improve reduce the dosage to 1 tablet every two hours. In case of the condition is not relieved, consult your homeo specialist.

Note: Natural remedies by Schwabe like Berberis Pentarkan for uric acid may take time to fully treat the symptoms and deliver desired results.


No contra-indications for the use of Berberis Pentarkan Ptk 15 are known.

Side Effects:

No side effects of Berberis Pentarkan® Ptk. 15 are known to date.

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