CMS Cineraria Maritima Schwabe®

CMS Cineraria Maritima Schwabe®

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Eye Irritations

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10 ml

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CMS Cineraria Maritima Schwabe Eye Drops is a homeopathic remedy indicated for Cataract (motiyabind treatment in homeopathy), corneal opacities and serious eye problems. It helps in releasing the tension in the muscles of the eyes and prevent tiredness, redness, and Other Symptoms.

Cineraria Maritima Schwabe Motiyabind ka ilaj 

کا علاج (Cataract) موتیابند


100 g drops contain pressed juice 50 g; Glycerol 10 g; Alcohol 9.3 g; Corrigentiae ad 100 g.


Traditionally used for the control of early stages of corneal and lenticular opacities and cataracts; and for the treatment of eye irritations; such as conjunctival irritations and overstrained eyes due to excessive computer work; reading and TV viewing; or vehicle smoke and environmental air pollution.

Cineraria Maritima for cataracts releases the tension in the muscles of the eyes and prevent tiredness, redness, and other symptoms that cause irritation in the retina. It is indicated for conjunctivitis and blepharitis, incipient opacity of cornea, cataract, overstrained eyes, etc.

Research works and clinical trials have proven these Schwabe Germany Eye Drops for positive results

  1. 60-80 percent success in both arresting and curing cataracts.
  2. Cineraria offer definite prospects for the prophylaxis of cataract.

Dosage/ Uses

Unless otherwise prescribed, instill 2 drops of Cineraria Maritima Eye Drop three times a day into the affected eye. Slight massage of the eyeball shall distribute the medicine evenly. It can be used in serious eye problems in consultation with your homeopath.

Note: This Product Contains 9.3% alcohol by volume.

Side Effects

No side effects of Cineraria Maritima Schwabe are known to date.

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