Silicea Lotion®

Silicea Lotion®

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For Damage Skin

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Silicea Lotion by Dr. Willmar Schwabe is considered the mineral salt of beauty. It strengthens the connective tissue and is important for the growth of skin.

Silicea Lotion Jild ki Nashronuma ka ilaj

جلد کی نشرونما کا علاج


10 g Silicea creme equal to 10 ml contains Active substances: Silicea trit. D4 0.1 g. Other ingredients: Benzyl alcohol (preserving agent), glycerol monostearate, cetyl alcohol (Ph.Eur.), medium-chain triglycerides, refined almond oil, refined jojoba wax, glycerol 85%, (3-sn-phosphatidyl)choline from soybeans, Xanthan Gum, purified water.


Silicea Lotion is essential for the Skin and body act as bonding of the connective tissue. It also helps to build up the tissue structures.

It is traditionally known as the salt for body and skin, which helps to maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin. It strengthens the skin and connective tissues by enhancing the elasticity. Registered homeopathic medicinal product and therefore without therapeutic indications.

Dosage/ Uses

Unless otherwise prescribed it is best to take apply Silicea 11 lotion for skin only at night before bed to receive the desired results. To get the best results to use it along with Silicea 1.

Gently apply it on the desired areas of the Skin. If complaints are not relieved, consult your homoeo specialist.

Side Effects

No side effects of Dr. Willmar Schwabe’s 11 Silicea Lotion® are known.