Rubisan Creme®

Rubisan Creme®

PKR: 690

Dry skin Rash

Pack Size

50 gr

Rubisan Creme by Schwabe is a homeopathic creme used for the treatment of dry skin rashes, psoriasis. Its periodic application will gradually improve all such conditions.

Rubisan Creme for Psoriasis /Chambal Ka Ilaj

سوراءسز/ چنبل کا موثرعلاج


Active substance: Mahonia aquifolium mother tincture 1,0 g are in 10 g cream. Other ingredients: Benzyl alcohol (preserving agent), auto-emulsifying ethylene glycol mono/distearate, isopropyl myristate (Ph.Eur.), octadecylheptanoate / octadecyloctanoate mixture, liquid paraffin, cetyl alcohol (Ph.Eur.), potassium hydroxide solution 20%, purified water.


Treatment of skin diseases including dry skin rash, e.g. mild to moderate forms of psoriasis.

Dosage/ Uses

Unless otherwise prescribed apply Rubisan Creme thinly to the affected areas one to two times a day and massage in. The maximum amount applied should not exceed the amount of a 15 cm long gel strand.

Side Effects

No Side Effects of Rubisan Creme® are known to date.

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